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BOSS™ is our very own brand that has been established as a premier quality alternative for over 100 years.

BOSS™ has been a key part of BSS’ ongoing success in the industry by continuing to promote our key principles of quality, reliability and value. The BOSS™ range itself covers many different product areas including:

  • Valves & Controls
  • Pumps & pumping equipment
  • Gauges
  • Technical heating
  • Clips & bracketry
  • Plastic and metal piping system products
  • Consumables

The BOSS™ range is renowned for offering competitively priced products that don’t compromise on quality. We are constantly looking to improve and expand the BOSS™ range to make sure it meets the needs of the modern customer. The BOSS™ brand has built an exceptional industry reputation, most commonly known for the BOSS™ White jointing compound, the BOSS™ range now encompasses a wide ranging collection of top quality, cost-effective products.

You can see more about our wide range of BOSS™ products in the brochure section.