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Physical Scale Inhibitors and Filters

Physical Water Conditioning products can reduce or prevent the formation of limescale in areas supplied with hard water and filter out metals and impurities. Some may require a mains power supply.

They are usually ‘fit and forget’ devices which improve appliance performance and prolong life due to the problems encountered with hard scale build-up.

The precise requirements influence which type to install, especially whether it is to be used for treating a single appliance or a whole property. The size of the project may also influence the design of the installation. Your local branch or account manager can advise you on the best option for your application.

BSS offer a full range of Physical water treatment including;

  • Inline electrolytic scale inhibitors
  • Commercial Electromagnetic scale inhibitors
  • Electronic scale inhibitors
  • Magnetic and electrolytic scale inhibitors
  • Nano-crystal technology
  • Manual and automatic filters


Click here a full list of physical water treatment available through BSS


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